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Konsent is a grass root NGO abolishing myths about sexual violence and rape culture.  Working in enlightment and positive change in fields of the public perception of visctims of sexual violence, street harassment, harassment in the workplace, school and primary prevention as well as cultivating existing culture., Konsent became the leading organisation in positive change and cultivating the common culture in Czech and Slovak republic thanks to its sex positive, understandable language and lght, ironic approach to the topic. 

To convey the basic message, thus that sex is fun as long as all the parties involved are having fun, we chose the elements of sexualised fruits and deserts and colourscheme that plays with stereotypes of outdated gender roles. 

For campaigns on fundamental rights of women we chose to use a carnation flower which has been exploitetd and misused by the former communist regime in order to point out that fight for equality doesn't belong to the past.

educational posts abolishing myths about sex, intimacy, human body and intimate relationships that contribute to rape culture and sexual violence

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campaign about consensual sex

no means no even if it's expressed otherwise and clothes or number of drinks is not consent. if you not sure, just ask.

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A video for a campaign raising awareness about consensual sex.

Awarded Commercial of the month by Czech Media Agency.

director | barush maush

script | johanna nejedlová | barush maush | katerina kili

production | johanna nejedlová | barush maush

edit | dahlia ayoub

camera | xoaher musavvir

music and sound | petar mrdjen

colour grading | will thomas freeman

set dec and costumes | barush maush

starring | marley wildthing | martin ochranek

informational and popularisating campaign about history of czech fight for female rights

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campaign about harassment in public space

what is sexual harassment and what is flirting? where is the line?

if they didn't fight back, they probably liked it, or didn;t they?

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Respect is hot. Flirting is fun, harassment not.
Mainstream and Prague Pride Edition

director | barush maush

script | johanna nejedlová | barush maush 

production | johanna nejedlová | barush maush

edit | barush maush

camera | tomáš uhlík

music and sound | petar mrdjen

colour grading | will thomas freeman

set dec and costumes | leona kunayová

starring | ondřej gregor brzobohatý | alen taravan | bára šichanová | marie štípková

campaign for change of legal definition of rape

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