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You can book an appointment via e-mail on, via instagram or here directly.
Describe your idea and if Prague or Amman. My inbox gets full, so please be patient, I will get to you once I deal with people who approached before you, usually within a week to a month, weather it is Instagram or e-mail.
I prefer bigger, complex designs and tattoo my own, original drawings, don't ask me to copy other artists work or pictures from the internet. 


Before your consultation, think about the budget you want to spend, placement, weather or not you want color and try to formulate which elements you want to include, if you want to go more abstract or rather a specific element, On the consultation I will give you some ideas and tips but it's always better to have at least a framework of what you would like.


design and price
design and price

I tattoo only original, custom made designs. That means we meet for a consultation and discuss your idea. I draw an original design especially for you. The final price depends on many things, mostly the complexity of the design. We agree on the price on the consultation. I cannot estimate the price before we discuss your idea (see FAQ for more detail)

On the consultation, you pay a deposit - 1/3 of the final price we agreed on. That is the price of the design. I will then send you the drawing before the session so you have the chance to give me comments and I can do some changes. 
If you change your mind or don't show up at the session, the deposit is not refundable, If you decide to change the entire concept or you will get a new idea you want to incorporate after our session, the final price will increase for the price of the new design.

I don't do copies and work within my style. Please respect that.

Prices start on 3500 czk, 180 jod, 255 usd.

Cover ups are on the price of a normal tattoo + 2500 czk, 200 jod, 280 usd additional fee.

how much approximately?



I did half the work, the second half is up to you - how you will care about your tattoo will affect how it will look like over the years.


> the day before 

DO NOT drink alcohol or take any substances. It affects negatively the blood density and flexibility of the skin - thus the tattooing itself and the healing process. Alcohol also raises your sensitivity levels thus getting a tattoo drunk doesn't actually help you baer the pain, on the contrary, it makes it more painful.
I can refuse to tattoo you if you show up drunk or high.

Drink a lot of water - hydrated skin is more flexible, so the skin doesn't break while tattooing, it is less painful and you heal better after. Get a good sleep, when you are well rested you can deal with the pain better.
Eat before your appointment and you can bring chocolate to get some energy through the session :)


> day 1 

You keep the foil I covered your new piece with for 24 - 48 hrs, depending on the type I use. You can take a shower, the foil doesn't let anything in.

Don't be scared if the tattoo under the foil looks weird, your skin is releasing the excessive ink, blood and plasma and the foil doesn't let it leave.

After you remove the foil and wash it nicely, you will see that all is fine.

Do not go out or drink alcohol the first night.

> day 2 to 4 

After 36 - 48 hrs you carefully remove the foil, the best way is under the water. Wash it with antibacterial soap and lukewarm water to remove the blood and ink. Carefully remove all the dry parts with gentle scrubbing, don't scratch it off, you could damage the skin and it could affect the healing process. As long as the tattoo is not dry and the skin is releasing excessive liquids, you should wash it at least 3 times per day, removing the liquids and dried parts so that a scab doesn't create.

After washing, dry out gently by tapping the area with a clean piece of cloth.

If you don't have access to running water throughout the whole day, use wet wipes for baby's ass without perfumations.

After washing, apply an aftercare cream. Either Fusadine, Bepanthen plus or shea butter. Something clean with panthenol and without perfumes and colouring agents which will be thick enough to create a protective film.

> day 4 to 7 

By this time the skin should be closed already and nothing is coming out. If scabs created, leave them on, DO NOT remove them, they will fall out on their own when the skin under is healed. You should keep putting the cream and keep it nicely moisturised at all times.


> day 7 to 14 

Your tattoo will start peeling off like when you get sunburned. Do not remove the skin. It might itch as well, do not scratch, only slap it gently. Cold water and re-applying cream or oil helps relieving the itching. Keep applying the cream. At this point, you can start using coconut oil or body lotion of your preference.


> month 1 to 3 

After your tattoo peeled off, it's almost healed. Keep it nicely moisturised at all times and dedicate special attention to this area while applying - massage it gently, you'll help the skin in regeneration and you'll avoid creating scar tissue. Whenever you are in the sun apply a sunscreen with SPF 50. First month apply a layer which will cover the tattoo completely.


> swimming, bathing and physical activity 

The first two weeks the ink is still not stable in your skin, so by sweating, swimming and exposing it to the sun you risk a blow out. Keep it dry and don't sweat too much.

First week avoid working out, long hot showers and baths completely, second week at your own risk.


:: If something goes wrong ::

If you have a feeling that your tattoo is not healing well, do not hesitate to contact me and send pictures of the weird area. I can usually recognise if it's a normal reaction to damaging the skin (especially with fillings and bigger areas the healing process might be a little bit more difficult) or you have a reaction to the ink and you should visit a doctor.

If a part falls out or fades, we can organise a touch up - if it happens due to my work, touch up is for free.

If it is due to insufficient care on your side, touch up will cost like a normal tattoo.

custom freehand design

700 JOD | 1000 USD | 22000 CZK


> why it costs as it costs and can I get a discount

Price of a tattoo involves material like ink, needles, disinfectant and soap, gloves and all the other things used while working. Then it covers the design, time spent drawing, communication with you, like setting the date etc, discussing design and changes, consultation and then the tattooing session itself. Don't forget about the rent of the space and when I come to Jordan, I bring all my material with me, which adds to the price. I tattoo only original designs, so you have a unique piece noone else has, thus I have to spend some time on drawing. Cover ups are a difficult job thus I add a flat fee to balance out the added effort. Bargaining price is highly disrespectful. Tattoo stays with you your whole life thus to invest into good quality of work and is maybe a good idea :)

customised design

250 JOD | 320 USD | 6500 CZK

custom freehand design

400 JOD | 600 USD | 13000 CZK

flash design

200JOD | 300 USD | 5000 CZK


> temporary tattoos

There are stickers you can order on-line or get from a shop, which can last up to 4 to 8 weeks on your skin. It is similar to tattoos from gums for kids.
Then there are henna tattoos, those can last up to 3 to 5 months.
But there is nothing like a temporary tattoo using an actual needle. Once the needle touches your skin, it's there for good.
People claiming their tattoos are temporary are using ink with dissolvants in it. Firstly, it can be pretty dangerous for your health, in the EU are those inks prohibited.

Secondly, the ink never vanishes completely, it only fades and melts. I encountered a number of clients who came to me with an ugly melted tattoo leftover and there was no other chance but to cover it. 

If you are not sure you want to commit to a tattoo for lifetime, take more time to think about the design, find a tattoo artist who's style you like and sit with her or him for a consultation. A good artist will draw especially for you an original design, guide you through the whole process, helps you to choose the placement and most certainly won't push you into something you don't want. With a good, personal approach from the artist there is not much space left for later regrets :) Don't risk your health and don't fall for scams. 

> will your black tattoo tint blue or green?
We all know those 20 years old tattos which are no longer black but green or blue. Nowadays, the pigments used for tattoo ink are of much better quality than some years ago, so they don't fade as much and they stay nice and black for a long time. In any case, your tattoo will fade a bit (especially on places exposed to the sun or manual distress - like elbows or under elbows) and the ink will get affected a bit by the color of your own pigment so it might catch a bit of green or blue tint. For me personally, in summer, when I'm tanned, my tattoos look a bit blue and in winter when I'm all pale they seem more greenish. Yet, it is noticable just for me and for the others they seem just nice and black.

I'm using Dynamic Ink, which is vegan.

> white ink
The pictures you see on the internet of beautiful white ink tattoos are taken just minutes after the tattoo was finished and the ink is popping, vibrant and well visible. As the tattoo heals, the top layer of the skin which holds the ink on the surface peels off and the actual tattoo is about 1 mm under the skin. 
In better case, after the tattoo heals, it will be less visible and most certainly not as vibrant, so think twice about getting a white ink.
Many people have a very strong pigmentation in their skin which can effect the color if the ink (think of the greenish or blueish tint many healed tattoos have). The lighter the color of the ink, the more affected it gets. So very often a white tattoo turns after a time to yellow, greenish or grey, no matter the quality of the ink.
I don't do white tattoos, I use white only to accent details in black or colored designs. Altho I saw a few nicely healed white tattoos, the majority turns out ugly.

> fine lines and melting

Each skin is different. Even the best tattoo artists tattooing the finest lines might encounter such a type of sking which won't hold very thin lines forever and they will soften up after a time. It depends on the amount of fat which is in the second layer of your skin. Even very skinny people can have a "buttery" kind of skin which can't hold the ink sharp and the lines might melt a bit. Also, the way you take care of your tattoo affects the way it heals and if it will stay sharp or not. 

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