Curriculum Vitae

Barush Maush

> 2020 Fenix Content Marketing Awards, 2nd place

> 2019 BMW showroom Mural Painting, Amman, Jordan

> 2019 POWER project, creative director, Vienna - Prague - Bucharest

> 2019 Respekt je sexy campaign, creative director, director for Konsnet, z. s
> 2018 Set Dresser, Jinn / Netflix, Amman, Jordan

> 2018 Tattoo placement in Amman, Jordan
> 2018 Czech Female Lobby - series of videos and visual campaign to promote International day against sexual violence One Billion Rising
> 2018 Basel FasNacht - Documentary series for Czech NGO Sametove Posviceni
> 2017 Visual campaign Kdyz to nechce against sexual harrassment and rape for Czech NGO Konsent
> 2017 Exhibition Body of Adoration, ABF Gallery, Prague, Czech republic
> 2017 Exhibition Black Box - Fall into Future, Mikser festival, Beograd, Serbia
> 2017 Naughty Amelia Jane, costume designer, Prague, Czech Republic
> 2017 Distance, Installation for a short film, Prague, Czech Republic
> 2017 Promotional video for Sametove Posviceni, Prague, Czech Republic

> 2016 Metamorphosis, Installation for Hedone 004
> 2016 Kdyz to nechce promotional video, director / scriptwriter / set designer. Awarded ''Commercial of the month'' by a czech server Media Hub, Prague, Czech Republic
> 2016 25th hour fashion video, director / director photography, Prague, Czech Republic
> 2016 Armani Eyewear Fashion Film, behind the scenes photographer, Prague, Czech Republic
> 2015 Mazda Promotional Video, director photography, Istanbul, Turkey
> 2014 - 2017 Prague Film School, Behind the scenes photographer, Production manager, Social media manager, Prague, Czech Republic
> 2013 Promotional video for ISN Cultural festival, Leiden, Netherlands

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