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"Modern self-defence" talks not only about street harassment and ways to physically defend yourself in case of need but breaks taboos around sexual harassment and violence in general. It empowers its readers to adopt such attitudes to be able to stand up for themselves in any situation regardless the context, debunking harmful patriarchal stereotypes and myths. Therefore the illustrations, collages and concept as a whole aims to reflect the fresh and atypical approach to the topic with gender neutral colour scheme, but clear feminist message. Because feminism is not only for women.

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alternative approaches

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book cover | layout 

"Kids want to know it too" is a project to help parents and youth workers to talk with kids as well as teenagers about sex, sexuality, human body and intimacy without usual taboos and shame. Graphic design and cover of the book is then a combination of Konsent typical and already recognisable identity and colour scheme and a play on stereotypes connected to sexuality amongst youth.

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