​​Barush Maush is a visual artist with the main focus in fields of graphic design, videography and tattooing.
Currently stays between Prague, Czech Republic, Amman, Jordan and Beirut, Lebanon.

Studied in Prague and in The Netherlands where she started to focus on photography and graphic design.

Since 2014 worked as a photographer for Prague Film School where she found interest in cinematography and directing.

In her directing work she focuses mainly on music videos, fashion films. She works for several activist groups and shoots promotional videos and creates visual campaigns for them. 

She is the creative director of NGO Konsent, creating all the graphic content and visual campaigns for which is Konsent recognised and awarded. She wrote, produced and directed a promotional video for the new campaign Respekt je sexy, focusing on sexual harassment in the nightlife scene, which came up in August 2019, featuring major Czech celebrities.
She created the visual campaign for the EU funded international project POWER focusing on gender based cyber violence.

In her free time she's reflecting her surroundings with an emotional approach through the medium of photography. In each frame she's capturing a fragment of a story mirroring greater social, cultural or gender issues. 

Coming from figurative drawing she started to tattoo in early 2016 and developped style based on her own illustrations. She tattooed among others in Tel Aviv, Istanbul, Amman, Paris, Beograd or Beirut.


Her art installations were featured at several events under the label Hedone. 
Her conteptual piece ''Camera Futura'' was featured at the international festival of young art, Mikser in Beograd, 2017.
Her photography series ''
Am I An Object'' was exposed in Prague ABF Gallery as a part of the exhibition ''Body of Adoration'', 2017.
Short film ''Naughty Amelia Jane'', for which she designed costumes, got awarded at several film festivals and was shortlisted at Cannes Film festival 2018.
She worked as a set dresser for the first original arabic Netflix show Jinn (2019, Jordan, Netflix/MasterKey/Kabreet Productions).
Her articles on the topics of gender issues or reportages from the Middle East are often featured in major Czech media. 

Curriculum by job


Prints available on request.
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